Why Oakio is the upgrade you need!

Designed for living ~ Built to last

Oakio composite materials are much more sustainable than standard composite products!

Our products are created using an oak hardwood content instead of the usual bamboo fibres.

Did you know? Bamboo is NOT a wood!
Bamboo actually belongs to the grass family. So although it displays great qualities, such as strength & sustainability, it doesn’t quite meet the standards held by oak.

Oak has been used for domestic and commercial use for thousands of years. It’s versatile, strong & extremely durable. Moulded using our state of the art manufacturing facility, we know that Oakio products are right for you.

Our WPC materials are designed for the USA market, meaning that they are designed to handle extreme weather changes throughout the year. All products have taken the test of time to ensure that they look perfect 365 days a year!

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