The Construction Technology and Precautions of the Wood-plastic Composite Decking Boards: Temperature Should be Taken into Consideration When Spacing the Gap

The wood-plastic composite decking board is a high-tech green and environmentally friendly material mainly made of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose), as the basic material, and the thermoplastic polymer material (PE plastic) and processing aids, and so on. After these materials are mixed evenly, then heated and extruded by the mold equipment, the wpc decking board comes into being, combining the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic. It is a new type of environmentally friendly high-tech material that can replace wood and plastic. It can be used in garden landscape, interior and exterior wall decoration, floor, guardrail, flower pond, gazebo, and so on.

Construction accessories: wpc decking, keels, buckles, expansion tubes


Precautions for the construction of the wood-plastic composite decking boards:

1. The wood-plastic composite decking boards can be cut, sawed, drilled and tenoned by ordinary woodworking machinery.

2. Fix the wood-plastic composite keel on the floor with an expansion tube. The distance between the fixing points of the expansion tube should be 500-600mm. The screw cap should be lower than the surface of the wood keel. The fixing of the wood keel needs an overall levelling.

3. Self-tapping screws can be used for fastening between each wood-plastic composite decking board. Stainless steel self-tapping screws are recommended for the outdoors; self-drilling self-tapping screws should be used for wood-plastic composite decking board and steel plates.

4. When using self-tapping screws to fasten two wood-plastic composite decking boards, holes should be drilled first, that is, pre-drilled holes. The diameter of the pre-drilled holes should be less than 3/4 of the screw diameter.

5. When installing the outdoor floor, a screw should be used on each side between the wood-plastic composite decking boards and each keel.

6. The junctions between the wood-plastic composite decking board and the keel should be connected and fixed with plastic buckles.


The main points of the installation of the wood-plastic composite decking board:

1. Plastic wood has the characteristics of slight thermal expansion and contraction, plus consideration of cleaning and some other reasons; when the plastic wood profile is installed, there must be a proper gap between the sides and the ends. The clearance is closely related to the climate and temperature during construction.

2. It is better to install the profile “TodayHot” on the keel when installing the wpc decking board. According to the thickness of the profile (20-40mm), the spacing of the keel should be generally between 400-500mm.

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