Iniwood Decking

High-quality hardwood fibre (Oak wood) and high-density PE resin are the main raw material. This is the first generation of WPC decking. WPC Stands for wood plastic composite.

Oakio Iniwood decking available in variety of different finishes that mimic the look and feel of solid hardwoods.    

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15 Year Warranty 

Fade Resistant 

Easy Installation

No Need To Paint Stain Or Seal

No Warping Or Splintering 

95% Recycled Wood Or Plastic

What is Iniwood Decking?

  • Never have to be sealed, stained or painted
  • Splinters free and crack resistant
  • Weather-resistant and outperform wood alternatives on fade resistance
  • No issues with warping
  • With no need to maintain or replace
  • 15 years residential warranty

Oakio Iniwood decking is made with a durable composite that withstands extreme weather conditions and everyday use. The decking is more solid underfoot for added safety. The composition of Iniwood decking is 35% of plastic resin, 55% of oak wood fibre and 10% of additive.

Iniwood decking UV inhibitors provide added colour retention while minimising fading. With its excellent moisture and thermal resistance, Iniwood decking virtually eliminates problems commonly associated with timber boards in terms of expansion and contraction.

This hard-wearing decking is available in a wide range of colour options, and profiles to design a customised solution for every outdoor space. Now, homeowners can have all the beauty of finished timber decking, without the limitations and up-keep of wood timber decking.

We supply high-quality WPC decking in nine colour options and nine woodgrain choices.

We work to provide the best price on composite deck boards.

Iniwood decking colour visualiser


*The photos shown above are based on IWV02 finish and they are for reference only.

Finishing Options

3D deep embossing wood grain

Code: IWV01

3D deep embossing wood grain

Code: IWV02

3D deep embossing wood grain

Code: IWV03

3D deep embossing wood grain

Code: IWV04

Sanding surface

Code: IW01

Embossing wood grain

Code: IW02

Profile Options

Square Hollow Decking

Code: IPD01

Dimension: 147×21mm

Standard length: 2200mm

Available finish: IW01, IW02, IWV01, IWV02, IWV03, IWV04

Application: Residential

Fixtures and Fittings

Stainless steel starter clips

Code: AS05

Plastic clips

Code: AS10, Gap: 6mm

Step by step – Detailed installation tutorial of Oakio decking

After choosing the best decking for yourself, the right installation is also important. It’s seems that there are so many things have to be considered in the process of installation, like the space of each jost, what clips is better and so on. However, we will show you how to install the decking step by step with Oakio invisible fixing system.

Download the installation guide

Technical Details


1.35g/m3 (Standard: ASTM D792-13 Method B)

Tensile strength

23.2 MPa (Standard: ASTM D638-14)

Flexural strength

26.5Mp (Standard: ASTM D790-10)

Flexural Modulus

3320Mp (Standard: ASTM D790-10)

Impact strength

68J/m (Standard: ASTM D4812-11)

Shore hardness

D68 (Standard: ASTM D2240-05)

Water absorption

0.65%(Standard: ASTM D570-98)

Thermal expansion

42.12 x10-6 (Standard: ASTM D696 – 08)